2017 was a great year. We did a lot. Joel started his Masters in Teaching program at Western at the end of 2016, I started my RN to Masters of Science in Nursing program, we settled into the house we bought at the end of 2016, we went to Hawaii, Portland, Arizona, Illinois, Canada, Paris, London, and New York, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in June, I did a lot of art, we watched a lot of sports, we celebrated my sisters marriage, we welcomed our new baby nephew Owen into the family, we became pregnant with our first child, we were part of a church plant, and we spent a lot of really great time with friends and family. Okay, I guess 2017 was a really great year. 

Here are a few photos of the progression of our house. It was quite a lot of work. We did not know until we ripped up the carpet that the ground was not level enough to lay laminate. We had to build a false floor and pour concrete and all kinds of other things that are way over our pay grade. But we enjoyed it AND enjoyed saying we did it ourselves. We're pretty happy with the way it all turned out. And yes, Joel built that beautiful table. He refuses to ever build one again. (I figured I would save you the ask.)

Otherwise, here are some photos of the year. We are so grateful for the life we have been blessed with. Thank you for being our loved ones. 

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