Five years

We are quickly approaching six years of marriage, our anniversary being just a few short months away. I wrote this last year and never posted it, but I still want to share these beautiful images and the beautiful time we had at La Push on our 5th wedding anniversary in June 2016. You can read our renewed vows here on Beating 50 Percent's website. Obviously, I have a thing for vows. 

Five years is a long time. I still can’t believe it's been five years.


Married that is. We’ve been married for five years. Five years.

This is a special milestone, something worth celebrating, and I wanted us to do something really special, and unique, for it.  It just may have been the most special thing we have ever done.  I felt so loved. So chosen. So renewed in our love for each other. We are pretty good about being intentional with showing each other love everyday, but this was on a completely different level.  This was comparable-to-our-wedding-day beautiful.

A while ago my friend Athena asked me if she could do a photo shoot for us as an anniversary gift.  My answer was obviously, "YES!"  So, as I thought more and more about what we could do for this that was just a little bit different, I realized how much I still love my wedding dress, and how much I would love to wear it again.  (Really, I would love to wear it everyday, but that would be inappropriate.)  I hadn’t even put it on once since our wedding day, and really wanted an excuse to do so.  I decided we should do an anniversary elopement photoshoot; I could wear my dress, Joel a suit, and we could go to a beautiful place and take beautiful photos that will last forever.

But the most beautiful part of the whole thing? The new vows we shared with each other. Five years ago, when we got married, I was just finishing the hardest class I had ever taken (also, had ever taken seriously) and Joel essentially planned the entire wedding. He did an incredible job, I will never take anything away from that, our wedding was beautiful, intimate, original, and just overall lovely.  However, I have always wished I wasn’t so distracted during that pinnacle of our lives. We used our friends' vow template they had found when they got married that we truly loved, but every time I think of our vows, I am so sad that we didn’t write them ourselves. I think of how unlike me that is, and how obvious that makes it to me that I was distracted. So, the chance to do this was exceptionally valuable to me. 

These vows were the most beautiful words I had ever heard. These words were for me. This experience will forever be one of the most special and beautiful days of my life. And it was so much more beautiful than it could have been 5 years ago. The time together and the experiences we have had are what made these vows so beautiful.

The love that we have grown and cultivated, the depth of it, the weight it holds: therein lies the beauty of it all.

The beauty of this marriage.

The beauty and mystery of this epic, mind-blowing, once in a lifetime love.



I am so thankful for our dear friends, Athena and Camron, who we think so much of, for being willing to take these beautiful photos, just to bless us. For wanting to learn together about love and life. For being humble and allowing us to speak into their lives. These people are going places, and we are grateful to be on their team. And you really should contact them to do your own #anniversaryelopement and be blessed.