Love Yourself

Maybe you should be kind to yourself. Maybe you should take a compliment with confidence. Maybe you should not give in - to the lies you've accepted as truths after years of listening to the gremlin in your mind that has been persuaded by culture, society, media, and your own experiences - telling you what beauty is.. and what it isn't. Maybe you shouldn't listen. Maybe you should celebrate your strength. Own the beauty you see in yourself. Maybe you should be an example. Maybe, FIRST, you should be kind to yourself.

Been struggling with this... I was going to say lately, but let's be real.. for a very long time. Most of my adult life to be exact. I am not kind to myself when it comes to my body image. And I have no excuse. The sick, twisted, and kind of interesting thing is: no one is immune from feeling crappy about the way they look. No one is safe. Every woman has some sort of struggle with their body image - whether it be their hair, their weight, or their face - the list is long and really sad.

I have been reading Brené Brown's book “Daring Greatly” and, subsequently, been having some very honest and challenging conversations with the people who know and love me and I have decided that I don’t want to live this way. I don’t want to think about myself and what I look like and how others are perceiving me all the time - and miss out on very special and important moments. I want to be present - and this issue robs me of that. It robs me of joy.

I was reflecting on this when these words came to my heart. I quickly wrote them down and since have felt so compelled to share them with all of you. Because you, too, are worth it. YOU. You are beautiful, you are enough. Whether you feel like it everyday or not. Our outward beauty fades. What we really should be focused on is the inward beauty. That is what truly matters. That is what has the power to change someone's life - for the good OR the bad. And that is why your people love you. They aren’t going to love you more if you’re a size 00 with perfect skin, perfect teeth, a six pack, and a great tan. Don’t let yourself be that person that hurts all those around you because you yourself are hurting. Choose to be stronger than our sad and twisted culture. And reach out if you need help. If you need a really good and really free (other than the price of the book) therapy session, I totally recommend this book. You can get it for less than $10 here.